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Local Agreements

DCC Posting of Agent Workload Points (PDF)
DCC OWI 2nd and 3rd (PDF)
DCC Chapter 980 Trials (PDF)
DCC Workload Adjustment Policy (PDF)
DCC Direct Assignments (PDF)
DCC Earned Release (PDF)
DCC Sex Offender Residence Assessment (PDF)
DCC Multiple PSI's (PDF)
DCC Agent Overtime (PDF)
DCC Agent Overtime-Q & A (PDF)
DCC Transfers (PDF)
DCC Vacation Agreement (PDF)
DCC MOU 14- Workload Adjustment (MOU 6 in Current Contract) (PDF)
DCC Workload Adjustment Policy (PDF)
DCC Workload Points for Institution Cases (PDF)
DCC Workload Points for Certain Early Releases (CER's) (PDF)
DCC Workload Points for GPS (PDF)
DOC Offender Classification Specialist-Overtime Agreement (PDF)
DOC Waupun Correctional-Military Leave-Vacation Carry over (PDF)
DCI Social Worker Transfers (PDF)