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Meal Receipts
In Finance Bulletin #25, issued July 26, 2002, supervisors were directed to require that employees making claims for meal reimbursements provide receipts if a consistent pattern of maximum meal reimbursement claims was noticed. The bulletin read in part:

"Another identified area arising out of the performance audit is instances where the maximum meal reimbursement rate is consistently claimed. In such instances, employees will be required to provide receipts to support actual expenditures. Supervisors should be vigilant of these occurrences. If a consistent pattern of maximum meal reimbursement claims is noticed, supervisors should require receipts to support the actual meal expenditures before issuing their travel voucher approval. Bureau of Finance travel audit staff also may require receipts to support actual meal expenditures if the aforementioned pattern is observed. The exact language of this policy can be found in subsection 4.03(2) of the Uniform Travel Schedule Amounts."

It is necessary to clarify that supervisors may not require meal receipts from members of the Wisconsin State Employees Union (WSEU) or the Wisconsin State Attorneys Association (WSAA) per their collective bargaining agreements.

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