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Legislative Update December 16, 2016

Catastrophic Leave

Take Kids Fishing Day (PDF)

Jim Boyd Bowling Tournament (PDF)

New Grievance Procedure 2012 (PDF)

Losses to the Working Families of Wisconsin (PDF)

Act 32 Overview (PDF)

State Budget Overview By County

Catastrophic Leave

United Way Help (PDF)

2007 - 2009 PSS Collective Bargaining Agreement-Contract (PDF)

2010-2013 Bargaining Unit Conference June 10, 2010

Legislative-End of Session Summary Report (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions on At-Risk and Layoff (PDF)

2009-2011 Contract Negotiations

Capital Times Article: Judge Rules Whistleblower was Mistreated

Comparison of Federal and Wisconsin Family Medical Leave Laws (PDF)

Arbitration/Grievance Results