Contact Local 2748

Dear Local 2748 Member,

Our Local 2748 sister, Kayla Sands, is in need of catastrophic leave donations. Kayla works for DCF as a Licensing/Certification Specialist. She does not have income continuation insurance and has exhausted all her leave time after being placed on bed rest for an extended period of time and giving birth to a set of premature twins. While I realize the year's end makes this more difficult, she could really use our help and your donation would be very much appreciated by Kayla and her young family. Please consider supporting our sister in need, if at all possible. I have attached the donation form to complete and submit to your HR department. Remember, you cannot donate sick leave or compensatory time. You are allowed to donate up 24 hours per calendar year. Thank you.

In solidarity,
Georgette Gehring, Local 2748 Vice President