Contact Local 2748

Dear Local 2748 Member;

Please review Arbitrator Jay Grenig's August 4, 2005 decision concerning Professional Development matters for Local 2748 members. Although the parties agreed to a non-precedential expediated proceeding, Mr. Grenig's decision provides guidance for the future, whether in collective bargaining or grievance matters.

This decision confirms our members' right to attend public or private colleges, as long as the classes are held in Wisconsin. The decision also confirms our right to pursue doctoral degrees under the terms of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.

As was the case with our previous arbitration win under the Professional Development language, a good number of Local 2748 members stepped up with valuable information that helped out tremendously. Thank you to those people and congratulations to the four successful grievants!

I must add that Council 24 Field Rep Jana Weaver did her usual excellent job advocating our cases to the arbitrator. Jana, thank you very much!

Stay Strong, Solidarity,

Tom Corcoran
AFSCME Local 2748 President

Professional Development--August 4, 2005 (PDF)